An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A mini adventure

We had our own mini adventure this evening. 🙂  With my van broken down and not enough money with which to fix it, the boys and I have been using my electric wheelchair again to get us around when possible.  It’s not a travel scooter, so it’s mobility access is limited and so is it’s battery power so for the last few weeks we haven’t tried to take it very far at all.  Just a trip around the block, down to the convenient store at the corner, and up and down the sidewalks near the apartments.  Mainly we were using it just to get some breaks from the apartment when we needed it.

Well tonight, I decided to try and take it down to Wal-Mart as it seemed the battery was going to be able to hold long enough to do so.  Long story short, it didn’t.  A friend of the family though came out to help us get the rest of the way home though when it started to die out about half-way back.  In the meantime though we had an adventure of sorts though. 🙂

The sidewalks there and back are pretty wide and allowed for the boys to walk next to each other with me in between them and the street to keep them safe.  They had a lot of fun looking at the flowers, exploring the edges of farm fields, and blowing dandelion puffs when they found them.   We even passed an older gentleman that was jogging in the opposite direction whom the boys loudly declared to be “Mr. Feeny” much to my unintentional giggles and slight embarrassment.  We’ve been watching a bit too much of a classic show together I guess. lol

On the way back, since night had fallen while we were shopping, I bought some glow sticks that flashed and had flashlights on the end and the boys had a LOT of fun with those.  I also had a lantern on the back of the scooter and a big light for me to hold out in front to help make sure we were seen and that we could see our path.  There were a lot of bicyclists out on the paths both ways and not a lot of street lamps so the lights were pretty important.

I wasn’t able to get any pictures, but we did have a lot of fun.  At least up to the point of the battery suddenly dying down on us and us getting stuck.  So grateful to our friend for coming out to help us out of that mess.  Now that I know how long it takes us to reach the Wal-Mart by scooter though, and how quickly my battery dies out on the way back, if we try this little adventure again we will be starting early and leaving plenty of time for charging up again before heading back too. 😉


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