An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Think again ;)

Most of the time when I am telling David to do something, the expected answer is: “Ok, I will”.  My instructions might be anything from “Clean up.” and “Get down!” to “Stop licking.” and “Quit pulling my hair!”

I have wondered many times whether or not David truly understood the response he learned to so quickly give in these situations.  Especially as seeing he continued as before just seconds after saying it more times than not.

Then, a situation like what happened just a moment before comes along and removes all doubt. lol  The script has changed!  Mom has called out an instruction and order but the correct answer is different this time:

Me: “David! Don’t touch that oven door!”

David: “Ok, I will!”

He did indeed quit touching the door, but his answer was sure off mark wasn’t it?? lol  Times like this make me shake my head and giggle silently to myself.  So many people have tried to challenge the idea that David doesn’t have as much control over his language/communication skills as it seems.

Sure people.  He’s not scripting at all!  He understands every word. lol 😉


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  1. I changed therapists because she kept telling me that Jp wasn’t “phrasing”. I respect your degree, lady, but I know my baby and when he wants something down, wants you to move, or open a jar “open doors” is a freaking phrase. 😉

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