An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A moment with Joshua

Joshua (David’s younger brother) went to the bathroom to get some water from the sink and came back in acting all sick and miserable.

Here’s the dialog:

Joshua: I drank too much water
me: you ok?
Joshua: I have water (rubs tummy)
me: Oh you have a bloated belly.
Joshua: yeah
me: don’t worry, you will feel better soon
Joshua: (starts to pout and walk away) ok…

pause here for a few seconds

BURRRRP! (Joshua)

Joshua: Hey! I feel better now! 😀

Ohh the joys of living with boys. lol 😉



  1. HaHa! Boys will be boys!

  2. Who doesn’t enjoy a good belch every now and then? 🙂

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