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UntitledEarlier today some old memories were weighing me down again. Particularly some memories of a specific person whom I still care about greatly but is no longer in my life.

Then a dear friend of mine did the kindest thing for me. She helped me refocus my attention by pointing me to the two blessings left behind with me. David and Joshua. 🙂

As we talked, memories of my kids and their sweet smiles and funny antics filled my heart and mind, helping to displace the painful memories in the process.  My boys sure do give one a lot to smile about too.

With several events in planning stages right now for DogForDavid, and me juggling health issues, doctors, and tests, of both mine and David’s, I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog as much as I would like.  I have been making little notes though of some things I wanted to remember and I would like to take this chance to share one of the funny moments I have written down with all of you that happened just the other day with David. : )

We were out with Grandma after having run some errands and we stopped by the boys’ favorite place, Taco Shop, for some lunch.  Everything was going pretty normal like and good for the most part until my mom got up to get a re-fill on her drink.  David of course jumped up to join her as he likes going everywhere Grandma goes but in pursuit of her he suddenly stopped, changed direction, and ended up standing back a small ways from the ordering counter just staring and smiling that pre-giggle smile he tends to get.

My mom and I not sure of what he was doing yet, tried to call to him to pay attention and come but little did we realize that he was completely entranced with something new he saw.  We finally figured out what it was and it was hard not to start laughing as we struggled to pull him back to the table with as little of a scene as possible and while trying to keep him from shouting out his protests.

There was a young lady up at the ordering counter who was wearing a midriff bearing top and low cut shorts and she was standing at just the right angle for David to get his first real life glimpse (outside of home) of his latest obsession.  Belly buttons! lol

He fought us hard too as we tried to get him back to the table and refocus his attention on us and his meal.  He kept climbing up the back of the booth so he could turn around and keep taking in this new wonder of his. haha  Thankfully, the lady never took notice of him or what he was doing, and soon left as she decided not to eat in.  David was nowhere near shy though of making sure we understood (along with anyone nearby) that he wanted to see that belly button and how cool he thought it was.  *chuckle*

Before this incident, the worst embarrassment his latest obsession has caused in public is when he would see a pool advertisement on a box in the store or something and would go over and plant his face literally as close to the picture of the scantily clad ladies in and/or around the pool as he could.  In those situations, I have to admit I would tell him “no” a bit more loudly and forcefully than needed just to get him to react loudly enough with his “But I want to see their belly buttons!” plea in hopes of satisfying the on-looking naysayers enough that he wasn’t looking at something else in the picture. haha

One thing is for sure around here.  Adventures and embarrassment may go hand in hand a lot in our corner of the world, but at least life is never boring. 😉 lol



  1. marciakayx

    Oh, I love this. Truly the best part of our lives are our boys. I was buying something the other day, looked around to see where my grandson was and he was feeling the mannequin’s bust. Is it autism or being a boy?

    • lol that one might be a bit of both. Either way, the innocence our boys have truly is something to watch. If they only knew… haha

  2. Oh, man, my oldest son does that whenever he sees a young lady showing some midriff! Thanks for the chuckle! – Kelly

    • lol you are welcome 🙂 Thanks for letting me know we are not alone on the belly button adventure. lol : )

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