An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Oh what a day!

With my mom moving soon, there has been a lot of boxes, sorting, storing, and organizing going on to get through all of the storage and other things in time for the coming garage sale and the selling of her house.  This all would be difficult and time consuming enough all on it’s own for just about any family but throw in two young boys with the mindset ability equivalent to very curiosity driven 2 year olds and everything seems to get a whole lot harder.  Uggh! lol

I don’t know what I have spent more time on lately… going through and sorting and all that?  Or picking up after the boys after yet another round of them “trashing” the house from getting into everything again. lol  One thing is for sure, I will be happy when this is all finally done and over with. 😉 haha

On another note, I had a moment of quiet laughter to myself while shaking my head in the midst of all this chaos when David started flapping his hands in between patting his bottom.  He still hasn’t been able to master the concept of potty training yet.  He still struggles with language and communication too as most of what he has been able to pick up and use has been echolalia based and was memorized from listening to others talk and from watching his favorite shows over and over again.  There are no other 5 year olds in his life though who would have a need to tell their mommy they have pooped in their underwear again.  And even if David did know how to just outright tell me that, a lot of times it honestly seems like he doesn’t know what’s wrong.  He only knows something feels different back there now and he hasn’t grasped the concept yet that mommy can help make that “different feeling” go away for him if he would just let her know about it.

*sigh*  This usually means I have to stay alert for if he starts to smell again or for when he starts walking funny or acting out of the usual like he did tonight with the flapping and patting on his backside.  Then it’s time to bring out the whole trying to convince David to come here, that he pooped, that I can make it better, and that no… he doesn’t want to keep it… (yes, we actually have to have those talks still once he’s finally convinced he has gone in his diaper again >< lol ).  During times like these, I just keep reminding myself at least he doesn’t “paint” with it anymore.  That was not pretty “art” no matter how badly he tried to tell me it was. haha



  1. LOL. Unbelievably, there are artists who have made a living off of “poop art”! I wouldn’t want that hanging on my wall, though!

    • I must admit that neither would I ES haha 🙂

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