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Cleaning House

Hidden post #8
Originally written; 10/20/2013

Today I have been trying to dedicate most of my energy to going through the storage tubs left over from my mom’s move to Oregon.  I never realized I had so much stuff until it all got crammed into my apartment. haha  I have found many things while going through it all too.  Things that made me smile, cry, and even laugh (I have kept some of the oddest things over the years apparently 😉 ).  Been trying to re-organize my home and specifically my back room (crafts/office/ things I don’t want the boys getting into lol) to try and make everything more efficient.  I figured, the place is already a bit chaotic with all these storage tubs anyway.  Why not go ahead and take this time to also organize the chaos a bit?  It’s long overdue after all. lol

I’ve been working on this “project* so to speak, off and on for a few weeks now (energy level has been unstable lately).  While I have been working, sorting, and cleaning the boys have been having fun with all the toys that have re-surfaced (*face-palm* lol)  and coloring in their coloring books.  I am proud of them though; David especially.  At one point, when it came time to weed through the massive piles of toys that had collected over the years (they won’t let me get rid of anything :/ )  David actually joined in with me.  I told him and Joshua that we were going to look for toys of theirs that were still in great condition that they weren’t playing with or grew too old for and take them to a place that would give them to new little boys and girls who didn’t have any toys (or at least not many).  Once David understood the concept, he jumped in with both feet. ^_^  Such a happy and proud mommy he made me that day. 🙂

Well, I better get back to work again.  I am hoping to make a huge and noticeable dent today in my re-organization efforts in this back room. 😉


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