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Learning Color Mixing :D

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Originally written: 9/28/2013

David made green!!! - blog version

He did it! David finally did it! My boy mixed colors and made a new one! Green to be exact. ^_^ Granted it was on accident, but he at least was able to make the connection of what happened on his own. 😀 Proud of my boy! ^_^ 😀

Been trying to help him with this concept for quite some time. Let him watch a Bubble Guppies Show on colors a couple days ago and suddenly he had something he was actually able to recall from his memory bank. I guess Bubble Guppies are more interesting than Mommy. 😉 lol

He did this in the middle of the night last night by the way while I was waiting for him to get tired enough to succeed at forcing bed time. And not long ago, I reminded him he made green and asked him if he remembered what colors it took to do so and he correctly shouted out “yellow and blue!” with a huge smile on his face. ^_^ So proud of my little guy 😀


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