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Originally Written: 10/13/2013

Lately I have been finding it hard to come here to write.  Not because of lacking something to say, or having nothing to share, but more because it’s depressing to know that at least for now, I am writing to only myself.  My journey with DogForDavid may have started out with just trying to get David a service dog, and interacting locally to raise better Autism awareness, but since being convinced to start this blog, it has become so much more to both me as well as to many others that have come alongside us throughout this journey.  Suddenly having my freedom to speak, write, and share taken away from me has had a depressing effect in a lot of ways.

Today was one of the harder ones to be honest.  I had been given a small taste of freedom (but still with limitations on what I could say and do) through the lawyers that are working on my case to go ahead and attend the local Fall Festival this last weekend, using the booth space that was donated to me.  Today was the day I was out delivering prizes from the games that were held.  Sore, limping, and worn out from all the activity and work over the weekend I decided to take the boys into our favorite fast food place in between deliveries so we could take a rest.  While there, the boys happily enjoyed their meal while David giggled and played and Joshua smiled and chatted.  As I watched them I saw no sadness, hesitation, or stress.  One of the things I admire most about my boys is their ability to take life as is for all it’s worth.  No matter what comes or what has passed or what may lie ahead, they live passionately both in and for the moment at hand.  Sometimes this can definitely cause some problems, but other times it is truly a beautiful thing to watch.

I spend so much time, effort, and energy trying to teach my boys all I can, but it’s times like these where the students become the teachers that make me smile the most.  They, and other’s like them no matter their age, have so much to offer us and the world around them.   Just by being themselves in this sometimes chaotic world, they are able to teach, share, and show us so much.  We must remember to keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open to them or we may one day regret the lessons we have missed.


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  1. What’s going on that your freedoms are being restricted?

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