An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Evening In

Last night, the boys were on another manic streak of sorts or something.  Translation?  They wouldn’t sleep! lol  Longest they’ve lasted too short of the times where they never went down at all.  9 a.m.!  Yep, 9:00 in the morning of the next day was when I finally got them to sleep.

We had an appointment today and I had a lot planned around it too (always trying to make the most of the day when I can), but I definitely decided sleep was more important after that.  After I finally got them down solid (no fear of them waking up again) I downed some sugar to help me have enough energy to perk back up long enough to make some calls and see what could be re-scheduled and what I needed to find a way to still make happen.  Thankfully, the phrase “my autistic son didn’t sleep again last night and just went down not that long ago” struck a chord of compassion in the people I was scheduled to see today for him.

After we all got some much needed sleep, and woke back up (in the evening unfortunately but oh well lol)  I decided we needed to just take it easy.  Or at least I did anyway.  Joshua was still cranky and David was… well, David was David. lol  That’s the best way to put that one. lol  We did get a few things done though. 🙂

Like, dinner and movie 😉

Dinner and a movie







Some letter practice

Joshua using the magnet board






And a special treat.  Joshua had a cute name for this particular cookie.  We had an assortment of them, but he specifically chose this face.  He called it the “burp cookie”. haha

Joshua's Burp Pumpkin lol







Due to our sleep schedules getting all mixed up again, we are heading through another all-nighter tonight as well.  They’ve been struggling again ever since the last full moon cycle.  Before that though, we actually had a couple of weeks of normal sleep hours.  It was wonderful! 😀  We were doing so well actually that I was starting to get used to sleeping at night again.  So much for that I guess.  At least for the time being.  lol

Heading out now to clean up another mess they’ve made.  Where does all this energy come from??  haha





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