An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Daily Thanks #3

Today I am grateful to the kind people I met at a new church today and for the chance to hear the scripture taught again.  We were late due to being up again on an all-nighter (thanks boys /:| lol), but the people there still welcomed us and were very friendly. 🙂  Even when Joshua started panicking and creating a scene (more than once) and even when I had to take him into the sanctuary with me and the other grownups.

The place is even disability and special needs friendly. : )  They had an elevator to help me get the kids down to the children’s church/Sunday school room (I risk dislocating my hip and knee joints when I am on stairs), and the over all environment was calm, quiet, and peaceful.  The music wasn’t real loud, the kid’s classroom wasn’t real crowded, the people were all real friendly, laid back, and soft spoken, etc.  That was pretty great because it helped David adjust more easily and he ended up doing wonderfully there because of it. ^_^

The church we went to was the one that treated my boys so kindly and well the other night during their trunk-or-treat event that we showed up at.  Even though a few got startled at first by David’s sudden shrieking and squealing, and some didn’t know what to think about his flapping and spinning, not one of them made us feel unwelcome or started to treat David any differently.  A true treasure to a family like mine. 🙂

The part that caught me by surprise the most today though (in a good way 😉 ) was when church was over.  In his panicked state, Joshua had managed to drop and lose his toy car that he had been carrying for comfort and we couldn’t find it anywhere.  I sadly didn’t realize it was missing right away as he wore himself out so badly that all he did was cuddle with me when he was brought back out of children’s church to go with me instead.

I asked someone near by if there was a lost and found, but when they took me to it, the car wasn’t there so they said they would help me try and search around some more.  At one point during our search though, a kind lady had approached me asking about the car and I had to let her go after just a few words because my boys had started taking off and were getting away from me.  A few moments later though, when we had given up the search and I was helping the boys with their coats, that same lady came up and gave us money to replace Joshua’s lost car!  I tried to decline at first as I am not used to things like that and I didn’t want to take advantage of anyone’s kindness or even look like I was.   Then the lady smiled and said she heard my boys have Autism and she used to work with children with Autism when she was younger so she knew what it meant for one to loose a beloved toy/comfort item which is why she wanted to help me replace it for him.  I was stunned, but very grateful. : )

We will definitely be back next week. 🙂  (And I will make sure Joshua has deeper pockets for his car to go in so it doesn’t get lost lol )







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  1. I am very happy for you and thankful. Another long awaited answer to prayer. Awesome how God makes everything just right when we are about to give up. 🙂

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