An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Late Night Randomness

Huh. It finally happened. A complete stranger suggested I put my kid on meds. I’m not angry about it, just a bit shocked. lol

With all the insults, attacks, comments, and remarks that have come our way over the years, I have been waiting for this one as I have heard it is supposed to be common. First time it happened. lol (at least by a complete stranger anyway lol)

David’s “offense” by the way? Being hyper and extra excited. lol

At least we didn’t get another cage comment or a reference to demon possession again.  Or someone making fun of him while he’s attached to his safety harness by barking at him…  Those are getting on my last nerve and then some.  Thankfully though, this is an area where severe cognitive delays can come in handy as David is oblivious to the insults and comments.







  1. Perceptions-of-Reality

    My son would rattle if I’d given him all the meds he was recommended. I gave him none by the way, preferring the behavioral approach. Meds are an instant solution, effort takes longer, but he got there in the end! (He is now dry at night, aged 11, and when he wakes in the night he now keeps quiet, and often he sleeps all night ! Sure he stresses when we’re out and about, but he is much better, and his freaking is now quiet and calm). I think you do what you feel is right for you and for your family. Shame society feels the need to judge us.

    • Meds are not the answer for David either to be honest. At first, I must admit I was upset by the comment, but after settling down and thinking of it, I chalked it to another thing I would have to find a way to laugh off so that it wouldn’t get me down. That’s when I realized that it was the first time we’ve had a stranger say that to us even though I hear of that being done to others on a regular basis. Doesn’t make it ok, but at least it was better than the kind of comments we usually get (sample of which is at the bottom of the post).

      I agree it’s a shame society seems to need to judge so much. My heart breaks for the kids and families that society refuses to see and give a chance.

      And thank-you by the way for sharing a bit of your son’s story. It’s encouraging to hear and I hope David can share a similar one with him soon. 🙂

  2. ? 🙂

  3. A stranger telling someone they don’t know to “put the children on medication?” What is wrong with some people? 🙂

    • eh, sadly that’s what it’s like around here. To help me settle down afterwards, I kept reminding myself it could have been (and usually is) worse. MUCH worse. Doesn’t make what the guy said ok, but it did help me settle down.

  4. THAT is just hideous. Horrible people!

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