An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Daily Thanks # 7


I have been blessed with some truly great friends, especially since starting this Autism journey with my son, and I’ve been through some friendships that didn’t really hold up when life got tough.  Both experiences though, both groups of friends, have taught me so much and have helped influence who I am today and the values I hold dear and strive to stick to.

David and Joshua struggle to make friends.  They don’t “fit in” with their age group and they struggle socially quite a bit due to their delays and other struggles.  They have found a few priceless friends though too along this journey and even though most of them are way older in years, they have proven to be true friends to my sons and I am honestly grateful.

My hope and prayer is that as they grow, David and Joshua will continue to be able to find people who are willing to look past the surface, the struggles, and the differences and see their heart and the essence of who they really are and be willing to accept them for it and walk alongside them in this journey of life.  That’s what makes the best of friends in my opinion and the blessings and lessons that can come from having those kinds of friendships are truly priceless.


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