An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Daily Thanks #10

I am thankful for the chance to go to church again this morning and for God’s grace in it going smoothly for all three of us this time (my youngest, Joshua, had anxiety attacks and meltdowns last time).

I am thankful for the way God can speak to your heart and soul no matter where you are too.  For instance, I spent the first half of the church sermon time, listening to my sons’ children’s church Bible story as my youngest was struggling too much for me to be able to leave. And the second half, after a kind soul was able to earn Joshua’s trust so that he was willing to let me go, was spent in “big church” so to speak. Even though the messages were completely different, somehow God made sure He didn’t skip a beat with ministering to my heart this morning. : )

This new church has really been good for us and David loves their children’s church program too.  Very laid back, kid oriented, and calm but still playful and with plenty of chances to move around.  I got the opportunity to sit in on the first half of it today when Joshua started to panic again and I was able to just sit with him in there to help ease his fear.  I watched David eagerly watch the other kids and the teacher and mimic their movements.  He even tried to quote some of them a couple times through his echolalia.  It was encouraging to see that as it’s usually evidence that he’s seeing a new environment/encounter as something positive that he can both count on and trust. 🙂

Another thing I am thankful for today?  Kids napping in the car. lol  By the time we got home they were worn out and had fallen asleep so guess who else got a little bit of naptime in out in the car? 😉  haha

Overall, a simple truth I’ve known for a while now seems to be shining strong in my life lately: “It’s the little things that can sometimes make the biggest differences.” 🙂



Daily Thanks #’s 8 and 9 can be found at the bottom of yesterday’s post under the video






  1. Hooray for childrens church. My boy enjoyed it right up until he was 12 (last year)
    i enjoyed it too as a helper. Now he is 13 and we go to a walk the labyrinth.
    There are so many ways to take time to contemplate and give thanks.
    You are doing a fabulous job Mom!

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