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A Moving Tribute

The other day I made a post to show my respect for the late Nelson Mandela.  Today I am honored to have the permission to share with you all a comment that came in from a young woman in South Africa who was able to share a very moving and personal tribute.  Here are her words:

“As a black South African woman, this is somber time to really reflect on how my life is so much better today due to the selfless sacrifices made by the freedom fighters such as Mr Mandela. The democracy they brought into my country has opened doors of opportunities to me in terms of getting an education, job opportunities, without which I wouldn’t be able to provide the much needed care for my 4 year autistic boy and 7 year girl with developmental challenges. I’m am so much grateful that the democracy in South Africa makes it possible for my kids to be afforded an opportunity to attend the best special needs/remedial schools in the country without any form of discrimination on the basis of their skin color.. For that I salute the heroes of our times…I salute the great Nelson Mandela for gracefully achieving the purpose that God had bestowed upon him and to positively change the conditions of his country and influence the world in so many ways.”

— Palesa
Johannesburg, South Africa.





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