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A Very Special Christmas Surprise

The local firefighters came out yesterday afternoon to surprise the boys.  They came with their fire trucks ready to play and they even brought the boys two toy fire trucks of their own to keep. 🙂  It was such a wonderful surprise and the boys had a lot of fun with their buddies from the fire station.   A HUGE thank-you from the bottom of my heart to the Maize firefighters for making my boys feel very special and helping those precious little smiles multiply all over the place.  They will be enjoying their new trucks, and the memories they have of this visit, for years to come I am sure. 🙂


Firefighters' surprise 8 -blog


Firefighters' surprise 18 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 3 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 4 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 10 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 12_cropped -blog

Firefighters' surprise 16 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 17 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 5 -blog

Firefighters' surprise 19 -blog





  1. Thanks for sharing! This made me smile so big! – Grandma

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