An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

1 Down, 2 Spared

Today hasn’t amounted to much because Joshua has fallen ill.  We didn’t get out to church this morning due to the extreme cold and high winds, and it turned out to be good we stayed home anyway when it became apparent that Joshua wasn’t up to par.  He has been awake for a total (not consecutive, just total from a few seconds here a minute there, etc) for just 5 minutes today.  He’s really weak too and running a fever.

David is doing alright so far.  No fever, full of energy, playing with his trains and coloring books.  The hardest thing for him today is trying to understand why Joshua can’t play today and why he’s being told to stay away from him.  I don’t want David catching whatever it is that Joshua has for one, and two, Joshua isn’t very friendly right now for obvious reasons and needs his rest.

Here’s hoping that Joshua is able to feel better soon and that David and I can stay clear of catching whatever it is.

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