An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

What a night…

As usual lately, the boys wouldn’t go to bed Monday night.  What wasn’t usual is that they didn’t even fall asleep Tuesday morning.  As a result, we were up all day Monday, all night, and then all day Tuesday as well.  By the time I had to be at a doctor appointment for myself (EDS issues), we had all gone well over 36 hours without sleep and were working on 48.  Both boys had actually fallen asleep finally in the car ride over, but David woke back up where as Joshua only woke enough to cause problems and show off his screaming capabilities. ><  We ended up tucking him in on a bench that was in the room so he could sleep while I was being seen and treated.  David however was wide awake again at this point and was giving the doctors a run for their money in trying to keep him out-of-the-way so they could examine me and help put my joints back in place again.  We joked that he either wants to be a doctor when he grows up or he is just that protective of his Mommy. lol

By the time we finally got home I was sooo tired I could barely keep my eyes open.  Soon after that we were all tucked into bed for the night.  Only problem with that is that I didn’t wake back up again until today around 7:30 PM.  Yep.  NIGHT.  Glad I didn’t have anything going on today that wasn’t able to be put off until tomorrow.  That wouldn’t have been good to say the least.  I woke up sick again though so I haven’t been doing much tonight.  Fighting being dizzy again and a bit disoriented.  Tried to take my temperature again but kept forgetting about it (it was under my arm) so I don’t know if my fever came back or not.

What really gets me though are the messages I woke up to.  For one, Office Max is finally replacing the calendars they messed up, which I appreciate, but are still refusing to help cover the shipping costs involved in getting the replacements out to those who need them.  They have been trying hard to get out of this whole situation from day one of the first round of problems they’ve caused.  They’ve even gone as far as trying to make us feel bad here at DogForDavid for asking them to honor their business commitment and make right where they went wrong.  Asking us to just “let it go” and show them compassion, and that came from corporate!  My question to them is where is their compassion?  Where are their morals or business ethics?  How can a manager sit there and purposefully try to deceive a disabled mother who is trying to raise funds for a service dog for a disabled son and then get upset when caught and is asked to make it right?  What kind of business allows one of their managers to bully and intimidate a customer simply to get out of admitting said mistake and having to make it right?  And what kind of corporate office allows a representative to ask a customer to just go away and “show mercy” by letting a serious issue go after the customer’s repeated attempts to get things solved at the local level were met with hostility, arrogance, and more mistakes?

Definitely not a company that deserves the awards they brag about on their business site, or who claim to hold themselves to such high standards for business practices that’s for sure.  I used to hold this company in high regards and have had pleasant transactions with them in the past, but after this I will not be returning to them for any more business.  One thing they have made the most clear in this entire ordeal is how little they care about the customer or a local fundraiser they know they have completely messed up and cost profits from.  They have made it clear their only concern is their own company and their own comfort and profits.  My thoughts are if they felt that way from the beginning, they shouldn’t have volunteered to help be the printers for the calendar project.  Surely the local manager didn’t really believe she could promise high quality and get away with cheap merchandise that looked like a home printer could have done the work simply because she sealed the box and had it carried to the car on pick up.  And surely, no one in business really believes that trying to bully, intimidate, and insult the customer is a good way to keep the customer silent about said lack of quality once they have discovered it.  And that was just the first round.  The second round isn’t much better.  *shakes head*

On another note, the other message I woke up today was that my Grandpa (great grandpa for David and Joshua) was sent to the hospital again.  He has pneumonia and has become delirious and violent.  This is happening just days after having been in the hospital with a broken neck due to a bad fall at the nursing home.  He is not doing well at all and could seriously use some prayers.  The boys and I haven’t been able to see him since last September and weren’t allowed to see him before then for over a year.  I miss him terribly and would greatly appreciate some prayers for his well-being during all of this.  It’s news like this that makes the above news seem trivial to be honest… I will try to keep you all updated on both issues though as best as I am able.  Thank-you everyone.



  1. Bless you! I have MS and can understand your struggle. Prayers for your Grandpa and your family. If you don’t mind me asking… what causes your little guys to be up all night? Our Jack did this for years and everyone always thought we just didn’t try. But the truth was we tried everything and he’d still stay up all night and in some cases days at a time. We are looking into ADHD.

    • I have tried everything in the book and then some with these two as well short of supplements and medications which we can’t really do with the EDS issues. As far as what is keeping them up? I can’t say I know for sure what is specifically the cause, but I have been told that in our case it is part of the Autism.

      I do know that there are several things that can cause kids to not be able to sleep at night or to be able to cooperate with regular sleep cycles. Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Manic-Depressive Disorder come to the top of my mind as some of the most common but there are definitely other possibilities that don’t include anything like that.

      If ADHD is most suspect in your case, have you tried giving your son caffeine (like a coke or a pepsi) to see if it has a calming effect? I don’t suggest trying this before bedtime until you know if it works or not, but a lot of people with ADD/ADHD (myself included) react differently to caffeine. Instead of it waking us up, it actually helps calm our racing brains and as a result calms us as well.

      I wish you the best of luck on your journey to try and figure out what is going on as well as in your adventures in getting your son down at night. Best advice I can give you on that at this point: Go with the flow and get rest where and when you can get it (I do a lot of napping in the car while parked out front. 😉 The kids tend to fall asleep on car rides after long nights. lol )

      • Thanks for all the AWESOME advice! I’ve never thought of that but indeed some things do affect Jack differently. Especially Benedryl… it makes him hyper to the moon! I lol’d about sleeping in the parked car. That’s so true! Anytime I’m in the passenger seat I conk out! 🙂

        How is your grandpa today?

      • I am glad that the advice was helpful. I can’t help but laugh about the Benadryl though because I forgot about that one. Been a long time since we’ve had that happen here (also been a long time since we’ve had Benadryl in the house… no coincidence lol )

        As for my Grandpa, I haven’t heard any updates on him yet, but thank-you very much for asking about him. It means a lot to me.

  2. I can see why you’d be out of Bendryl if it makes your little non-sleepers bong off the wall1 lol 🙂 Do keep us posted! I hope your grandpa makes a full recovery. God bless you!

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