An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Errands, Horses, and Grandpa

Today was a day for errands and getting out of the house.  I didn’t get as much done as I was originally planning on because my health started failing midday, but I still got a few big things done. 🙂   I am really proud of the boys too as one of the things we had to do today was shop for groceries and the boys are notoriously bad at handling Wal-mart or even Dillon’s (our two closest grocers).  David though showed initiative this time which really made me smile.  He grabbed two books that he and his brother really like and had Joshua help him carry them in.  Then they both got in the cart for me without a fight and played calmly with each other and their books for most of the trip. 😀  Sadly this doesn’t always work or I would simply give them books every time, but my favorite part of this was that David thought of it on his own without me needing to prompt him. 🙂

The check out line still proved to be too much to ask of him though as he started getting restless and kept trying to escape while I was attempting to get everything taken care of.  A cashier from the station next to us tried to say hi and be friendly with him at one point when her line was empty and he turned and blew her raspberries in reply.  (Thanks a lot Andre! >< ) I always make him stop when he does that to someone, but I don’t always choose to try to explain himself to whoever he just offended.  This was one of those times.  I simply focused on getting him to stop (took a few rounds unfortunately) and then as we were leaving, I offered a quick but sincere apology for his behavior.

On another note, I have some exciting news (at least for me and David) from today as well.  Now that David will be getting SSI, I can afford to pay for special therapies and other things that would benefit him so I started looking into horse riding therapy again since David is so fascinated by horses and they have such a calming effect on him (the only other animal that can match the ability to calm him this well are dogs).  With a little help from the city office, we found a small ranch that is located just up the road from us that will be meeting me and David tomorrow so David can look around and we can get a feel if he will do well there. 🙂  I drove by before going home to get a peek at the place and I think David will love it.  It’s big enough to have plenty of room, but still on the smaller side of things which is great considering David’s biggest issue is his running (it’s also mostly fenced in 😉 ).  They have lots of horses and a few other animals too.  I think I even saw a camel but I am not 100% sure on that one yet. lol  David is already excited.  He’s wanted to ride horses for a few years now and has been obsessed with everything cowboy since he was only 2 years old. (We all have Woody from “Toy Story”) to thank for that one 😉 )

I have an update on my Grandpa today too.  He’s still in the hospital and had to be heavily sedated to help him rest with all the pain he was still in from his previous fall. This also allowed the doctors and nurses to get closer for a better examination because he was no longer throwing things at them all.  It turns out he doesn’t have pneumonia but he does have some kind of infection with some fluid in his lungs if I understood my mom right.  They did a scan on his head/brain to check for damage there too with him having so much trouble knowing where he is (he thinks he is in a bar and keeps telling everyone he lives in a place that he hasn’t been at for over a year now at least).  As far as I know, everything came back clear but he’s still being watched closely just to be safe.  Continued prayers would be much appreciated.  Thank-you everyone. : )


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