An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Sweet Horse Dreams

David sleeping early_edited_blogEver since David met and rode Domino, the horse he got to work with for his first horse riding lesson, he has been going to sleep a LOT earlier than normal.  I can’t say I can find a reason to complain about that either. 😉 lol  The day after the lesson, he didn’t even make it to 7:00 p.m. before he curled up in bed with his Elmo blanket and called it a night.  Tonight he fell asleep cuddling with me here on the couch as his brother watched a movie.

I can’t help but think he has been dreaming of Domino the last few nights.  That horse has been at the front of David’s mind ever since he was lifted onto his back in the corral Saturday.  He even was brought to tears a few times when I had to explain to him it wasn’t time to go back again yet.  Once I got him to calm down enough the last time to try to explain the “once a week” concept to him again, he looked up with those teary eyes and wet cheeks and asked simply, “but then who is going to brush him out and clean him and take care of him??”  Oh what a heart my little David has.  A couple of minutes of reassuring him that his teacher and the others at the stables would take good care of Domino, along with some hugging and cuddle time with mommy, and David was willing to let it go.

He still asks about “his horse” every day though.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Today he got a special treat though.  His first official check came in from the SSI so I took a payment down to the stables to pay for the rest of January in advance.  While there, I asked the guy who runs the place if David could visit Domino and pet him and told him how David has missed “his horse” and wanted to say hi.  The guy just chuckled and smiled and then told me where I could find the dearly loved horse so David could have a mini reunion. 🙂  That smile I saw Saturday came back like a flash when we got to the place Domino was.  David started flapping and jumping and giggling as soon as he recognized those tell-tale spots on the white fur.  None of the other horses even mattered to him until after he got to see and say hi to his special friend. lol  It was a precious sight to see for these old and weary eyes of mine.

We’re hoping to be able to go back for another ride/lesson on Friday.  The weather is turning cold again though (more than usual) so it may get delayed.  For now though, I am simply going to join David in dream land.  I wonder if I can convince Joshua to join us? lol


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  1. Aw, David looks tuckered out!

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