An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Fun Discovery

In between the seemingly endless errands and other things I had to get done today, the boys and I stopped in at our local Pizza Hut for some lunch and down time.  Well, okay, the latter was mainly for me as of course the boys were still full of energy. 😉 lol   Every time we go there, the boys are given crayons and activity sheets to try and help keep them busy while the food is cooking.  Today, I got a pleasant little surprise from David when he had finished with his.  He completed a connect-the-dots puzzle correctly!

I almost missed it too as he was showing me all that he had colored in like he always does before he tosses the paper to the side.  When I saw it though, I couldn’t help but grin big and get all excited.  For one, this means he’s remembering number order on his own again. ^_^  For another, it means he’s recognizing the numbers in print!  Even all the way to 25!  THAT is big news! 😀  

This connect-the-dots puzzle also happened to reveal a word too instead of a picture so I tried to show it to David to see if he could figure out what he had just made.  Being one to focus on details more than anything else, he couldn’t see past the little numbers inside the dots so I had to help him see the letters he made by tracing over them with my finger.  Once he saw them though he was so excited too, and even more so once I told him the letters made a word. lol 🙂

Check out the pictures below to see the accomplishment and David’s cute little face as he shows it off for a picture. 🙂







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  1. Well done David!

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