An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

From the Mother’s Heart

A lot of you here already know of why we are trying so hard to bring home a service dog for David. You’ve been with us from the beginning (or close to it) and you’ve read the blogs, seen the posts, and some of you have even met David at local events.

For the ones that haven’t had those chances though, I have put together something a little special and a lot vulnerable. It is our new awareness video and it includes video footage that I have never shared before with anyone other than my family, Perfect Fit Canines, and the friend who did the filming of it.

I am sharing it now in hopes to provide a more open, upfront, and complete picture of why we need this service dog for David so badly. Why I have been pushing my health to its limit fighting for it. Why we haven’t given up, even with the odds stacked against us and the struggle we have faced to even get as far as we are.

Please watch, and if you feel touched, moved, or anything positive… please share. Help me make this video viral and get this message out there. And please think of this video when you think “DogForDavid” or you see us talking about a fundraiser. Every dollar really does count and we truly are appreciative of it.

Thank-you everyone ❤







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