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A day in the life of David Hartley

David has a surprise for you :)

Guess who lost his first tooth? 😀

David lost his first tooth! (2-9-2014)_blog

He lost it at church. His favorite teacher there is named David too and since the sunday school/children’s church teachers rotate he doesn’t always see him in class. Today though he saw him after church in the hallway and ran up to him shouting “Teacher David! Teacher David! I have a wiggle tooth!” It was so cute. lol

Well, as “Teacher David” bent down to see, he made a comment about how cool that was and that it looked like it was about to come out and then all of a sudden it fell out into David’s hand. Threw us all off to be honest. David was a bit traumatized at first and kept begging me to help him put it back in so Teacher David and I started to try and help him see it as a positive event. A task that proved difficult with David’s thinking process. He kept saying things like he was going to lose all his teeth now or that now he couldn’t eat and things like that.  Refused to smile too because he was so sad and upset by it and he didn’t want anyone to see the hole it left.  He even called Grandma after we got in the car and told her all about it and how he was ruined now.  Poor little guy. lol

He has come around now though thankfully and is pretty proud to show off his new “big boy badge” as we call it. 🙂  He wants to show his dentist too so Mommy gets an extra night to prepare for the first tooth fairy visit as David said the dentist needs to see the hole AND the tooth. lol  Works for me. 😉  We’ll be stopping by the office sometime tomorrow.  🙂


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  1. awww! Congratulations David. You are a big boy now!!! 🙂

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