An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Thank-you :)

The boys just got done saying their goodbyes to Grandma and getting in their last doses of hugs and cuddles in last night before she had to go back to Oregon this morning. It has been good having my mom here and getting to spend some time with her again. Wish it was better circumstances going on, as losing my Grandpa has been hard on all of us for sure, but I still am glad she was able to be here. : )

Got to see my Aunt Sandy a lot too and met up with some other family when they came into town for the memorial/life celebration for my Grandpa. Great Aunt Betty, Great Uncle Don, my cousin Candice, Uncle Johnny, and more. : )

I want to thank everyone here for being so patient and understanding these last two weeks as I took a step back to deal with the loss of my Grandpa and to spend some time with my family. I also want to thank my amazing volunteers Charity, Tina, Shaina, and Polly for helping to keep the facebook page running smoothly for me and for their priceless help with the current fundraiser.

Thank-you everyone! 🙂

I will be trying to get back into the swing of things the rest of this week so hopefully you will be seeing more of me soon. 🙂


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