An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Now where is that on button again???

Today I finally caved.  With the cost for the internet service I had at home going up yet again and the fact that my laptop is big and heavy and not so easy to take with me to local wi-fi spots, I finally caved and got one of those tablet thingys (like my “tech” jargon? 😉 lol) that I have seen around and have heard so much about.  I am using it right now too and I must say this is a different experience for sure for someone who is so behind on tech stuff in general and who is used to a good old laptop or pc.  I can’t even text well yet on my cell phone and go out of my way to avoid having to text when at all possible. lol

I have always been one to drag my feet so to speak in the technology department.  I even still have cassette tapes and my old Walkman and yes, I still use them too. 😉  I just never have been big on getting the latest thing just because it happens to be available.  Also, I have never been that great at technology either (my high school computer teacher was scared of me and my uncanny ability to crash a computer on a regular basis lol).

I am hoping this move will be a good one though for me and my family.  For one, this thing is a LOT easier to transport than my laptop which means I can take it with me when the boys and I are going out into town for appointments, home school stuff, or just to get out.  I am hoping that will mean it will be easier to keep up with DogForDavid stuff and it will definitely help save us money on internet service as a lot of the places we frequent offer free wi-fi access.

What I am most looking forward too though is finding some learning apps and things along those lines for David to use.  I have heard there are many good ones out there that are free and/or at least cheap that would be great for helping David with his learning and even a few skills here and there.   Before I let him play with this thing though I definitely need to find a good protective case for it. lol  If any of you know of a good one, please let me know.  I could use the help. 😉

Well it’s time for me to take the boys in now (we’ve been sitting in the car while I tried to figure this thing out).  Before I go though, I want to leave you with a pic I was able to capture of the boys when trying out the camera on this thing. 🙂



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