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You learned about what???

I don’t have long at the moment, but had to jump on real quick to share what my sons told me after I picked them up from children’s church today.  It’s too funny and I am afraid if I wait, I won’t remember it right.

When I picked them up, they had paper bag puppets with them and a couple coloring sheets and were all smiles as usual. 🙂  Once we got in the car though, I asked them what they had learned today in church and the following is a summary of their reply….

Me: what did you learn about today?
Them: A man stepped on a donkey’s foot (or the donkey stepped on the man, they couldn’t decide lol)
Me: Why did he do that?
Them: Because he wouldn’t go forward.
Me: Why wouldn’t he go forward?
Them: Because he was scared of the angel
Me: Angel?  What angel?  Why was the angel there?
Them: To stop the donkey.
Me: Why did the angel come to stop the donkey?
Them: Because he was licking people
Joshua: and was going to EAT them!
Me: Donkey’s don’t eat people Joshua
David: Yeah, they don’t have bigger tummys or bigger mouths so they can’t eat us.
Me: Who told you all this you guys??? *laughing*
Them: Thomas the tank engine 😀

Yeah… I am never going to find out what they really learned today… but their story was at least entertaining. 😉


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