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A day in the life of David Hartley

In the E.R. again

The boys and I are in the emergency room. This is the first chance I had to sign in but we have already been here for a few hours.

Both boys developed sudden fevers that wouldn’t break and as a result caused a host of other problems as well, including dehydration that had gotten so severe so quickly in our little Joshua that he couldn’t be kept awake and couldn’t even lift his own hand without help.

Joshua also had his first seizure tonight which admittedly has my nerves on edge. And both boys’ hearts have been racing which we’re trying to get under control.

We haven’t been admitted to the hospital yet, but also no signs of being released yet. Both boys have had blood drawn and are now hooked up to iv fluids to fight the dehydration. Waiting to see how much this helps and trying to keep an eye on Joshuua due to the seizure earlier. Hoping that was just a febrile seizure due to his fever spiking and refusing to come down for so long.

Prayers are greatly appreciated, as well as comments of support and/or encouragement. I will sign back in with more updates when possible. Thank-you everyone. ❤

~ Cindi



  1. Praying for all three of you

  2. allencountyautism

    Stay strong our thoughts and prayers are with your boys.

  3. Sorry to hear of this. Our prayers are with you.

  4. Prayers

  5. Thank-you everyone

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