An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Update on boys

Around midnight last night, the E.R. doctor decided to release the boys even though only one (David) had regained stability. Joshua was still so weak that he had to be taken to the car in a wheelchair and he was all slumped up in it because he didn’t even have the strength to keep himself sitting upright. His heart rate was still too high as well and his fever hadn’t come down like it needed to, but when I tried to voice my concerns with his premature release the doctor refused to listen unfortunately.

This morning wasn’t a whole lot better either. He continued to be real lethargic and was still fighting a bad fever. At one point, he did gain enough strength to get up and walk across the bedroom, but when he attempted it again later on he was real wobbly and I had to help him in the bathroom due to him no longer being stable again.

I had to get out to the store today so I got out my wheelchair for Joshua since he couldn’t stand or walk again. I don’t like seeing my baby so sick. He is so little that he doesn’t have much room for getting sick or losing fluids before it all takes a serious turn for the worse. :/ I tried to put a call into his doctor to get him in, but they said they couldn’t see him today and to just wait it out with my little guy and continue to watch him closely. They also said the seizure was probably caused by the sudden and severe dehydration or maybe the intense fever.

Thank-you all for the prayers and encouragement. ❤



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