An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Update on the family

Joshua is continuing to get stronger a little at a time, but keeps having bouts of extreme weakness too where I have had to carry him or use my wheelchair to help him continue to get around with us. Thankfully though, he always manages to bounce back after a couple hours of rest.

David has picked up a cough he can’t seem to shake off and had a bad tired spell earlier today at his horse lesson, but other than that he has been doing very well and has been as energetic and hyper as ever. lol Makes me grateful I found the safety harnesses again 😉 lol

Last news is that we got an extension from the gallery to get artists signed up for the art show this May, so it’s not too late to get me your info if you would like to join in. 🙂 We now have until mid April to get artist info and artwork. : )

Thank you everyone. And God bless ❤


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