An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

New Event Coming Soon :)

We’ve been spending the bulk of our day at a local fast food place with free wi-fi and a kid’s play area today.  The staff has been friendly and even though there were a few times the boys had to stay at the table due to other kids being too rough, for the most part they have been having a lot of fun. 🙂  Even met a young girl that befriended them right from the start and played with them until her family had to leave. ^_^

984046_590452791041281_685234855_nI have been trying to get some work caught up and done while they played or colored pictures while sitting at the table with me.  It’s been a productive day for the most part.  Not as much as I had planned, but still more than I could have gotten done sitting in the car trying to get things done before the battery died again at random wi-fi hot spots. lol  I definitely miss having internet at home, but we’re making due as best we can.  Thank you all for being so patient with me too during all of this. : )

1526226_590467087706518_317342960_nWe do have some fun news to share today though. 🙂  We have the final details all finalized on our upcoming special needs day at the fire station! 😀  For all the local families (Wichita, Maize, and surrounding towns and communities) the Maize fire fighters are putting on a special day for all the special needs kids and their families to come on out and play with them while learning neat stuff and getting to know more about the fire fighters and their equipment and trucks and all that they do.  🙂

It will be Saturday, April 19th at 1:00 pm and it’s all free! 🙂  It’s our way to try and give back to the community and say thank-you for all their support and help. : )   The firefighters are going to try and have small prizes to hand out to the kids too which will be fun. 🙂  Below is the flier I made (yeah, I never claimed to be good at drawing 😉 lol) and the little picture of a fire truck above is from Joshua’s version of the flier.  I actually think he did a whole lot better than I did and the official flier may change soon because of that. lol  You can learn more by visiting our post on our facebook page. 🙂




  1. You did a great job 🙂 but I have to say that Joshua blew you out of the water! Way to go J… you rocked it, little buddy!

    • lol I have to say I completely agree with that. Working on doing a flier on the computer that uses Joshua’s drawing instead of mine. 🙂 I am really proud of him ^_^

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