An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Blessings and Accomplishments

God is so loving and gracious. Not only did He provide a way for me to go to our church’s ladies night by providing nursery workers who were willing to watch my boys in spite of their age, but he also provided us with bowls of fruit afterward! 4! Now that may seem a bit odd for me to be so excited about, but our family’s food money was cut drastically as well as our general assistance and I found myself trying to hold back the tears Tuesday when the food money was so little that I couldn’t get everything we needed. Then, today I was trying to hold it in when I realized the boys were already down to their last apple and all the bananas were gone and I had two little faces looking up at me begging for more. So yes, God blessed my family with bowls of fruit and I feel so incredibly loved and grateful for it. The boys were excited too. They clapped and cheered all the way to the car and then happily dug in. ^_^

Thank-you Father (((hugs)))) It never fails to move me deeply when you remind me that you care even about the little things. ❤

Front of test

Front of test

On a different note, I am excited to say my boys have taken off with the Touch Math!  We were working on single digit problems that had answers up to 15 and they both did great! ^_^  Joshua amazed us all when he soaked up the material like a sponge and managed to master everything I had (touch point numbers with and without the actual touch points included, simple addition with and without touch points, long addition with more than two numbers in the problem with and without touch points, etc.)  I even let him dip his toes into double-digit addition problems and he picked it up too.  I had nothing prepared for that far ahead yet though so he only got to do a couple of problems.

David struggled at first and demonstrated a frustrating level of distraction issues I will admit, but we stuck it out and he practiced his deep breathing to help himself calm down.  In the end, he did manage to stay connected enough to show he learned the material so I made a test for him so he could practice it in written form as well as have something to show if he really understood it all or not.

Back of test

Back of test

I am so proud of him.  He got an A on the math overall because even though he missed a couple and needed extensive help to stay calm enough to reconnect so he could finish, he got all the others right without any struggle ( just patience 😉 lol ).  Even the bonus problems which each had three numbers that had to be added to each other!  😀 His issues with number direction definitely was obvious as he took the test too, but I didn’t grade him on that since we were primarily trying to see if he could figure out how to add.  I do have concerns though about him showing signs of Dysgraphia, but I haven’t been able to get anyone to officially test him for that or similar issues.

I can’t figure out how to get a video uploaded right now (on the tablet) but I will be trying again over the weekend.   Especially since I am wanting to get some pictures loaded too to show how I adjusted it to be more visual-learner friendly. 🙂  (The pictures I was able to include are of the test I made for them.)

For now though, the boys are starting to get hyper again and have already cleared a bowl and a half of the fruit, so I better get going.  lol


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