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Catching Up and Horse Pictures

David and Domino

David and Domino

Wow.  Time flies when things start getting hectic again. lol  Thank you all for your patience with me.  We have a lot going on with both our family and with DogForDavid and I am trying to keep up with it all with no home internet and a fractured foot.  It’s been difficult to say the least, but it all is definitely worth it. 🙂

I’ve included the pictures of one of David’s recent horse lessons where he got to go out to the obstacle course they have.  He did really well out there too. ^_^  I was so proud of him. 🙂   He practiced following a pattern, stepping over obstacles, and even stepping up and crossing over a small bridge.  He’s been struggling still from time to time with disconnections and other issues left over from his last bad regression, but his teacher has been working with us and truly has a heart for David and to see him succeed which I couldn’t be more thankful for. 🙂  A great teacher always makes a monumental difference. 🙂

DSCF8394-blogOn the DogForDavid end of things, we have two major events coming up.  The free community event down at the fire station in Maize is THIS SATURDAY.  So if you’re local, you definitely don’t want to miss that. 🙂  There will be chances learn about and explore the uniforms and equipment, meet the firefighters, play on the trucks, and even small prizes/give-a-ways for the kids to enjoy. 🙂  The guys doing this with us are the same firefighters you have seen pictured here before when they came out with their trucks to our apartment to surprise the boys with a play date right before Christmas.  These guys are pretty great and they have a heart for kids. 🙂  The event starts at 1:00 pm and is on Saturday, April 19th.  Hope to see my local friends and followers there. 🙂

DSCF8389-blogThe other major event we have coming up is the art show.  We got some great pieces in again this year that I am excited to be able to display for the artists.  😀  I will post the complete collection here at the blog after the show starts so all of you here on WordPress can see the work that has come in as well. : )  For the pieces that were donated for sale (there was an option to have artwork returned afterward instead of put in the fundraiser part of the art show), we won’t be doing the auction style pricing this year because it failed to badly last year.  Instead, we are working with a price range system to price the items that have come in at a set rate.  Hoping that will clear up the confusion that surrounded last year’s fundraising portion of the sale.  Either way though, all pieces will still be proudly and professionally displayed in the gallery for the entire duration of the show.  That’s my favorite part about this event.  Getting to be a resource to help our kids and community shine and share their many talents. ^_^ : )

Well, there goes my battery alert again so I better start logging off.  I will be back on as soon as I can. 🙂  Hope you all enjoy the horse pictures from David’s lesson. 🙂

crossing over the bridge

crossing over the bridge


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