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Special Event Pictures – the Uniform

Here is the the third set of pictures from our special event at the Maize Fire Station. 🙂  If you haven’t seen the other two sets yet, you can click here and here to see the pictures and know more what’s going on.  An official blog post to go with these pictures will be coming soon. 🙂

Third set: the Uniform





DSCF8695 -edited_blog

DSCF8696 -edited_blog

DSCF8698 - edited_blog

DSCF8699 edited2_blog

DSCF8700 edited2_blog

DSCF8701 -edited_blog

DSCF8702 edited_blog




DSCF8705_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8708_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8709_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8710_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8711_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8713_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8714_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8715_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8716_cropped and shrank_blog


DSCF8718_cropped and shrank_blog

DSCF8719_cropped and shrank

DSCF8720_cropped and shrank

DSCF8721_cropped and shrank

DSCF8728_cropped and shrank_blog










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