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An Evening With Friends

Was able to get some internet time in today so I am sharing a post I wrote at home the other day. 🙂

Blog Post – Saturday, 5-3-2014

Today has mainly been a day to rest for us after the two major things scheduled ended up being moved to other dates. It was nice to have this short break after the hectic week we have just had. The boys seemed to enjoy it too even though we were home for most of the day because they got to watch some movies and play with their trucks and trains. : )

The best part of today though was just a few hours ago when the boys made a couple of new friends. 🙂 One of the families that moved in next to us has a schedule just as busy as ours so we haven’t had many chances to get to know each other, but this evening, just after I had Joshua prop open the door to let some fresh air in (a rare treat for us due to David’s running issues) the neighbors pulled up having just come home from a birthday party they had attended. When Joshua saw them, he stepped into the doorway to say hi and the mom came on over when she saw me. Both of her daughters came over too so I brought the boys on out to the porch so they could say hi. The daughters are not the same age as my boys (they are both teenagers) but David and Joshua still enjoyed getting to meet them. Especially when they saw there were balls to play with and the girls were willing to share them. lol

The visit started off as a chance to look at artwork as the mom knew about our upcoming art show and enjoyed getting to see all that had come in for it. Then, she ended up surprising me by presenting some pieces of her own that her mom had made for the show. Her oldest daughter did the same as well and they are both working on their artist card info and the quotes they would like to share with their artwork. 🙂

As I was starting to put all the artwork away again though, David started running off and the younger girl went after him and started showing him how to play with a soccer ball she had. He really enjoyed that and soon, Joshua and the older girl joined them and they played in a nearby area while the mom and I got to have some time to just chat and get to know each other which was pretty nice.

All in all, the visit ended with all three of us having made some new friends and getting to know our neighbors better. 🙂 Both the boys and I are looking forward to when our two families can hang out together again. : )


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