An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Night I Wish NOT to Repeat…

David threw a fit (not to be confused with a meltdown) at a meeting I had to take him to last night.  Also, in retaliation to me not having a green (which was directly due to him not staying out of my purse or I would have had one), he started stomping on my injured foot; and hard. ><

When I had to take him out to the hall, he continued to try to stomp on my foot and if I held him out of reach of it, he would punch my arm instead. At one point he even started pulling hard on my hair when I tried to hug him which I only tried because he was saying he wanted to cuddle. I am not used to having this kind of problem with David. At least not at this level.  I am in so much pain now too because of it…  I have had to deal with physical beatings while calming him down from a meltdown/overload before,  but those are never targeted actions and are easier to get back under control.

Oh, and all this was less than an hour after he tried to jump off a balcony opening from the second floor after running away and going up the stairs. >< (That one was a bolting and disconnect issue, not him purposefully acting out. )  Thanks to a very quick and strong volunteer worker, David was caught and pulled back to safety a split second before his feet left the ledge.  It scared me so bad I was fighting back the screams during the ordeal and started crying after he was finally safe.

This was definitely NOT a good night… I am still shaken up…





  1. RachellieBellie

    I starred this post, not because I liked it, but because I can so deeply identify.

    My heart is breaking WITH you. Over the past few months my child has been in a bit of an extinction burst as we’ve started his ABA therapy and we are past the “honeymoon” phase. I am told many ASD kiddos go through these bursts several times a year, whenever behavioral expectations, routines, ect change. My kiddo is 12 and started exhibiting signs of self-harm. It’s almost like he gets so upset and mad at himself he doesn’t know what to do. These are during his meltdowns (not his tantrums, which are different).

    Our sons MCBA said if this continues to happen we are going to HAVE to Bakers’ Act (72 hour psych hold admission) him. As a mother this is my absolute worst fear ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so sorry you had such a bad night. Am sending you all the hugs, love and support I have. 😘

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