An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Chaos, Autism, and Health Issues Oh My

I had a follow-up appointment with my new doctor today and had to take the boys with me this time.  Long story short?  It was a nightmare…  ugh.  Ever since Thursday night, the boys have been more out of control than ever and today they upped the ante again.  Too give you an idea, at one point early after the doctor came in the room, the boys managed to somehow find giant paper towel tubes (empty) and started whacking the floor with them while singing songs from “Frozen” as loud as they could.  They also started hitting the doctor with them and no matter how hard I tried to regain control, it only kept making things worse.  And that was the “good” part of today. ><

In response to my last post, I had someone tell me that the cause of this sudden and persistent fall out in their behavior (especially David’s) was probably closely tied to confusion and anxiety because of all the new things happening right now (the meeting Thursday, meeting new people through local groups as well as the art show, getting used to their new friends that moved in next to us, me taking them to an entirely different building for my doctor appointment, etc).  All I know is it’s driving my patience extremely thin and I am soooo tired because of course they still are not sleeping anywhere near the amount they should which means I can’t sleep either.

On top of all that, my health has been getting in the way of me staying asleep too once I finally get to.  I have been so stressed out lately that it’s upsetting my Autonomic Nervous System and triggering palpitations that keep waking me up at night (which is a common Ehlers-Danlos issue by the way and isn’t life threatening, just annoying). However, because my new doctor doesn’t know a lot about the EDS stuff yet (he is thankfully looking into it though which at least will help in the long run 🙂 ) he said he is testing for sleep apnea because he noticed I have chronic fatigue issues…   In fact, I have a tracker device sitting here next to me that I am supposed to figure out how to hook on to my finger in the middle of the night after I finally manage to get these two down so that it can track my sleep and oxygen levels or something like that.   I almost, in my tired “I don’t care anymore” state of mind that I was in, joked with him that all he needed to do was get me a good overnight babysitter and a quiet house for a few nights and I would be fine again. lol  With how much he was so patiently enduring from the boys though I figured it was probably best to not try to crack a joke today.

I do have some posts sitting in draft mode by the way that I am working on getting pictures loaded on to the computer for.  I will get them done as soon as I can for you all.  One of our new neighbors has two teenage daughters that adore the boys and the boys adore them as well so they’ve been playing together a lot lately. 🙂   Gets the boys pretty wound up and hyper, but I have to admit I am just glad to see them have friends over all.  Also, I have some pictures to share from the art show that officially ended this last Saturday.  I got to meet a local DogForDavid fan while running the gallery for the show and she has stepped up to become an official volunteer partner to help continue and extend our reach to her town where the gallery is located. 🙂  I am pretty excited about that. : )

I got to get headed out again for now before the boys get tired of their audio book that’s playing. lol  I will do my best to sign in with those pictures and pending posts as soon as I can. 🙂


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