An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Big Faith, Little Heart

Last night, while I was finishing up some work before heading home, David suddenly decided to break out in song and had rolled down his window and was singing as loud as he could. He said he wanted the whole world to hear his special song. lol The song he had chosen to sing is an old praise and worship song from my teen years that I used to sing with him when he was just a little guy. I even have a video of him dancing away in just his diaper while I sang the song to him once. lol : )

I decided to let him sing a couple of rounds of it, but then of course had to tell him to calm and quiet down again for the time being (it was late at night and we were at a wi-fi hot spot lol). His response was that he wanted to try one more time because he wanted to make sure he also sang loud enough for God to hear his special song. ❤ I assured him that God definitely heard him and that both God and me were very proud of him and his sweet little heart. 🙂

Over the last couple of days, he has been asking me to sing to him again and he remembered this song so since he has been struggling since last weekend with his self-esteem/view I sang and sang for him as much as he wanted. It was even this song that he sang to himself while he raced to the bathroom that last triumphant time that ended in him throwing away his last diaper and putting on the long-awaited big boy underwear. ^_^

It feels good to see my son coming around again and to see his confidence and security re-building. Look out world! David is going to make a huge difference someday! He already makes one EVERY day in my life. ^_^


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