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My boys and I have recently been accepted into an on-line science camp through Supercharged Science led and taught by a real rocket scientist and experienced science teacher in return for an honest review by me about the Supercharged Science e-Science program.

We’ve been playing around on the site and exploring the different experiments and video based lessons for a few weeks now and I must say we are having a blast doing it. 😀  There are experiments available for grades kindergarten through high school seniors and can accommodate all skill and ability levels too.  We’ve been doing a lot of the simpler activities so far so the boys could join in on the hands-on experiments, but we are planning on doing some of the slightly harder experiments too soon so the boys can enjoy watching and learning (and most likely getting a good laugh out of watching mommy attempt science experiments lol 😉 ).

We’ve been learning about air pressure, atoms and density, flight and aviation, and so much more and we still have so many more experiments and lessons left to explore!  Including ones on weather, animals, light, and electricity! ^_^  Some of the experiments the boys and I have succeeded at completing so far include various paper planes, homemade “submarine” models, learning how to stop a leaky bottle from the opposite end (that was pretty cool ^_^ ), and even how to make a ball of plasma (the atoms/molecules kind) from a grape and a microwave oven!  Yeah, the boys were talking about that one for a week! lol  Sorry, no pictures at this point because David broke my sd card by jamming it too hard into the computer’s sd card reader. ><  As soon as I can figure out how to get the pictures off of it though, I will be sure to get some of them up on here to share with you all.

To make things even cooler, this program isn’t just about a bunch of fun and cool science experiments.  Each experiment is linked up to lessons, videos, and articles that help explain what just happened and why/how it worked.  Pretty neat in my book. 🙂  That means, I am able to get my kids (and me for that matter) intrigued and excited through hands-on play and experiments and then, while the interest is piqued, go learn the scientific reasons behind why it all worked and how it was possible to do what we just did.  And, as an added bonus, most of the lessons also include bonus info to build on our knowledge of the subject while we’re interested and hooked so we can learn as much as possible.  Like when the boys and I found out that the same molecule that passing gas creates (or “fart” as the science teacher and now the boys have fun putting it lol) is what soap is made of!  Yep, 15 methane molecules (plus a few other kinds) put together equals soap!  I dare you to go ask someone if they have used their 15 “fart” molecules yet today and see their reaction.  The boys have gotten a kick out of doing that with their grandma and a few friends. lol 😉

If any of this sounds fun to you, or you think your kids (or even yourself or some friends) would enjoy some hands-on experiments and science lessons practically guaranteed to capture your interest and keep you and your kids entertained, come check out SuperCharged Science today!  They even have a free downloadable guide with a sample of some of their most fun and popular experiments so you can check it out yourself.  And a free live class (on-line based) is coming up soon too that you can sign up for while there.  And of course, if you find that you enjoy this program as much as my boys and I do, there is an option to buy a membership so you can have access to her full science curriculum and all her experiments, lessons, and videos!  And her e-science camp too! 😀

So go on over to today and check it out!  And, if you’re willing, drop her a message to let her know that Cindi from DogForDavid sent you. 🙂


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