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Quick Review :)

In case you missed my post yesterday I wanted to share about a great program my boys and I have had the chance to participate in. It is the SuperCharged Science e-Science program and it is full of so many wonderful and exciting experiments, lesson plans, and videos packed to the brim with intriguing and easy to understand science. My boys just adore the teacher who happens to be a real Rocket Scientist among other things and I love the way she makes everything so easy to understand whether she is talking about something as simple as air pressure or as complicated as molecules or light energy.

I have found all the info and variety of experiments and lessons exciting and fascinating and the boys and I have been having so much fun trying out the ones we can make and watching the teacher demonstrate in her videos the ones that we’re not able to do yet. Hoping to get someone over here that will be able to help us pull off some of the harder experiments though because the boys are so excited to try. 🙂

I have never seen my two sons this excited about science or homework or “lecture” videos before but the second they hear the teacher’s voice because I started one of the videos or they hear me call out “it’s your science teacher” they come running with HUGE grins on their faces and so much excitement that they can’t even hold still. lol My kids and I are having a blast and learning so much too along the way. 🙂

To learn more and to check out the program for yourself, click here and read our blog from yesterday.   Have fun everyone! 🙂


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