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Fireworks, Glow Toys, and Strangers

The boys also got to eat special star/ "firework" cookies today.  :)  There are sprinkles on the other side.

The boys also got to eat special star/ “firework” cookies today. 🙂 There are sprinkles on the other side.

I must say we had a really fun 4th of July over here.  🙂  Between the craft we tried out earlier today, and tonight’s evening full of fun that still happens to be going on, I would say the boys had a very successful play day. ^_^  I had to deal with a few bolting issues and had to curve a few meltdowns in progress, but over all the boys and I had a fun and restful day.

The best part was of course the various fireworks we got to see.  Due to a couple of videos I found in my newsfeed (1, 2) we got to see some fun shows on-line (great for when you have a need for controlling volume 😉 ), and all the fireworks going off in the nearby neighborhoods, we got to enjoy quite the show tonight and for quite some time. 🙂  As for the small fireworks I bought for the boys?  When I wasn’t able to find someone that I knew that was able to help, we stopped by a firework tent here in Maize and were blessed by a very fun and kind young man on a Maize high school wrestling team (must admit I don’t remember for sure which one, but I think it was South).  He went out to the extended parking lot that was next to their stand and helped shoot off the fireworks for the boys and even played with them for a little which of course made their whole day. 🙂

Glow balloons! :)  The boys really like these. ^_^

Glow balloons! 🙂 The boys really like these. ^_^

After that I brought them home and let them play with the glow toys we found at the store.  We got the typical necklaces, but I also managed to find balloons!  Yep.  Balloons that glow just like the glow sticks!  I thought that was pretty cool and since the boys are still playing with them, I think it’s pretty safe to say they are a hit with them too. 😉

The boys also decided to put together a little gift for everyone. 🙂  I was playing a song on a youtube video and saw David dancing so of course I tried to get out my camera to catch it on film.  Unfortunately, I was caught and David was a bit grumpy about it. lol  However, with a little coaxing, an agreement to sing for him, and throwing in a package that had recently arrived from Grandma that they hadn’t gotten to open yet, I managed to talk David (and Joshua, sort of… lol) into letting me film them dancing as a special treat for everyone. 🙂  Please don’t mind my voice (it’s off from being sick lol) and enjoy the boys below. : )

Happy 4th of July everyone! 🙂





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