An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

David Sings

David does a lot of repeating. A LOT. This is known officially as “echolalia” or in some cases “scripting” and at times he is so good at using this in conversations that the people talking to him are not aware that he’s doing it. (He does have some original speech, but it has been said to be averaged at about 20% maximum with the rest being the echolalia based speech).

This clip is from back in February when I caught him singing the song to “The Day of the Diesels” (a Thomas the Tank Engine movie) and I was mainly able to capture this because he thought I was trying to take a picture, not a video. He even gets on me at the end for having not done so yet. lol

The funny part about echolalia though is that in order to repeat something correctly, one first has to HEAR it correctly. This song of David’s is one of the best examples I have recorded of how he doesn’t always hear things exactly right. lol






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