An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Now Joshua Too :(

I now officially have a second “runner”…

Tonight, while heading out after a special night at the zoo, David was secured tightly to me with his special harness and leash and Joshua was walking by my side as usual. That is, until he quietly decided to keep going when I had to stop to check in the wheelchair we borrowed for the event.

I noticed in less than a minute, but he was already gone from sight and earshot by that time. Even the workers couldn’t find him. As I almost subconsciously tightened my grip on the already secured David, my heart started to race and break all at the same time out of my fear for Joshua. It took only minutes for him to be found thankfully, but those minutes felt like eternity while I was in the middle of them.

Thank God for His protection and for kind and honest strangers. A lady outside the Zoo over heard the worker that was helping search describe my missing child to someone and recognized who he was talking about. She went to go track down the child, grabbed him quickly and brought him back up to the zoo shop (the exit that I lost him at and was currently standing in trying not to panic).

Was Joshua startled by the stranger’s actions? Yes.
Was Joshua upset and near meltdown mode over being touched and grabbed? Of course he was.

Did I care? Not one single bit.

She may have made Joshua upset, but she was a hero in my eyes. I will always be grateful to the stranger who put a child’s safety over a child’s comfort in order to reunite him with his mom. Thank-you. From all that I have within me, THANK-YOU!!! ❤


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