An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Science Fail, Mommy Win ^_^

Today, one of the experiments we tried was light mixing.  It didn’t work as planned because I accidentally got one of the colors wrong (I ended up with a yellow instead of green as my third light).  However, the end result was still pretty cool in my eyes…  instead of turning white, it turned PINK!  😀  That just happens to be my favorite color of all time. ^_^

We’ll be trying again later, once I get more light sticks gathered (and I will double-check that I have a green next time too lol), but for now, I am enjoying a pretty pink glow. 😉

Science Fail, Mommy Win ^_^

Austin has been over the last two days to help the boys with the experiments. This is him showing me the result from the light mixing attempt. : )


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