An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Changes Coming Soon

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good Sunday. The boys are sleeping and sprawled out on me and the couch right now so I thought I would take some time to check in. 🙂

Here soon, DogForDavid will be going through some changes and updates. We are still trying to raise money for David’s service dog and Perfect Fit Canines (PFC) is still the organization we’re going through. That is NOT the part that is changing.

You will start seeing some new artwork and a new name on some things as I work to update our pages to better represent the whole picture that we’ve become. Also, because I am about to go into surgery and will literally be unable to do any events for a while afterwards, our fundraising is not going to be as active this fall as before unless I am able to get some volunteers who are willing to run the show so to speak on my behalf. I will continue writing on the blogs though as I am able and will do my best to keep the facebook page active and a great place to visit for everyone.

Another one of the changes we will be making around here is one that broadens our topic matter. For those of you who have followed our story for a while, and even some of our new fans, you might have taken note that I have a disability known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that I share about or reference from time to time. My sons both were diagnosed with the same this last July, Joshua’s being as severe as mine and David’s being mild. Our new artwork, name, and content will be meant to help broaden DogForDavid to include the EDS awareness and general disability related support right along side the Autism awareness and support we’ve already become known for.

No matter what though, our main name will stay “DogForDavid” and David’s specific blog will stay “An Autism Diary” for now. The new name will mainly take over our secondary blog that was once called “Beyond the Autism” and will most likely show up on our facebook page and main site while we are starting up in order to help spread the word.

Please be patient with me and the team here at DogForDavid while we work through these updates and please also feel free to leave us your feedback. 🙂 Thanks everyone!

Cindi (DogForDavid founder/writer/mom)


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