An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

National Night Out and New Firefighter Buddies

David playing on firefighter truckTonight, the boys and I had a chance to go to our first National Night Out event. 🙂  Mark came with us to help me keep track of the boys and I also got to enjoy some freedom to hang out and talk to some friends while he played with the boys on the park equipment which was pretty cool. 🙂

While there, I got to meet the new firefighters that have come to Maize.  Sadly, I also found out that two of the ones the boys were closest too have been transferred to different stations.  We will miss you Lt. Corey and Captain Wilson and all the others that have been transferred!  Best wishes for you at your new stations!  🙂

Joshua's gift from Captain David (new firefighter)One of the firefighters that the boys have grown close to is still here thankfully and he helped introduce the boys to his new teammates tonight.  Joshua got spooked by the new captain because he associated his title to all the pirates that David has been obsessing over lately (mainly Captain Hook).  The guy was great about it though and before they had to head back to the station, he (and the one the boys already knew and were friends with) let David and Joshua climb into the fire truck and explore and play.  That did the trick for Joshua too as soon he was obsessed with rolling their window up and down as many times as he could and chatting up a storm with his new firefighter buddy.  The guy also let Joshua keep a stuffed animal he found in the truck which really made Joshua’s night.  He loves cuddle toys. 🙂  David of course just was happy to be on the truck again and was all over it. lol  He explored every inch he was allowed access to and had a blast doing it. ^_^

David playing with Casey (firefighter)We also got in some sidewalk chalk play, a few rounds at Bingo attempting to win a prize, and lots of free play on the park equipment.  The boys had a lot of fun and so did I. 🙂  I also got a chance to talk to one of the officers and the new fire station captain about some new ideas for an awareness campaign in the works and about some possible future events and partnerships which was exciting. 🙂  The events though won’t actually be able to be planned out and held until I am back up on my feet after the surgery unless someone else represents DogForDavid for me in my place and helps put everything together.  In the meantime though, the boys have some new buddies, and we all had a great time tonight. 🙂  Maize is definitely a great community to be in. ^_^


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