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Stripes and Puzzle Pieces

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The day is finally here.  We are officially launching the new and updated DogForDavid!  This blog, “An Autism Diary”, will still be mainly focused on Autism and David with a touch of me and Joshua here and there and a few fundraiser posts like it has always been, but I will be trying to be more open with my faith as well as it is my faith in Christ and the strength and comfort He gives me that keeps me going and that keeps all this from falling apart.

Our main page has been changed the most, but mostly in design and layout.  We also took away some of the features that were not working very well and/or weren’t as easy for me to maintain and added a new feature I hope you all will like.  A FAQs page filled with the questions I tend to hear most when at an event or talking to DogForDavid readers and fans. 🙂

DogForDavid has grown from being just a video, a kid, and fundraising goal to being all that and more including a YouTube channel, an official website, a facebook page, and a sister blog that was once known as, “Beyond the Autism”.  The sister site was meant to be a place for me to branch out and write more about me and my interests and hobbies and other random things that crossed my mind.  It’s use was short lived though for a few reasons but has now been both revamped and revived to be an important part of the DogForDavid team of sites.

Same address, but now with a new name, “Stripes and Puzzle Pieces” will be the blog that ties in most of DogForDavid’s updated outreach with EDS, faith, and other topics.  I will also still use it to branch out in general at times like it was originally created for.  To learn more, please check out the post “The Zebra Chronicles” on the front page, and consider following the blog to make sure you don’t miss any DogForDavid updates, whether from “An Autism Diary” or “Stripes and Puzzle Pieces”. 🙂

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