An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Quick Update

We have had quite the adventures in the last two days. Friday, we went on some field trips with some help from my neighbor that had us all over Wichita and even included a stop at my favorite little spot in Maize, MOXI Junction. While there we saw the DogForDavid artwork up so I encourage all our local fans to stop on in and check it out while you enjoy MOXI’s amazing bakery skills and great drink varieties. ^_^ We wrapped up our day hanging out at home with our neighbor sharing jokes and stories. 🙂

We also had fun last night with our neighbor learning Sign Language together.  The boys and I brushed up on our skills and our neighbor learned some new ones. ^_^ Also, I got to attend the first local Ehlers-Danlos support meeting Saturday afternoon and met a handful of nice ladies and some great kids. I got to learn a lot and met others like me and Joshua. Looking forward to the next get together. : )

What will this next week hold? Outside of the boys’ school work, I am not sure yet, but things are definitely looking up as I am slowly getting more stable. I still can’t walk, but I am getting better with my wheel chair and am not having near the problems with my Autonomic Nervous System as I was shortly after surgery. That’s a big plus for me. ^_^  It felt great to start getting out again like this too.  Being cooped up so much was seriously doing a number on me which I wrote about over at Stripes and Puzzle Pieces.  So glad to be finding my footing again.  No matter how long my recovery takes physically, it always feels great to be getting back to being me. ^_^


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