An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

New Laptop

And I’m back!  At least sort of… lol   Anyone miss me by any chance? haha

The boys had broken my power cord to my laptop and the battery died before I could get a new one ordered.  Around town, the price for a new one is $40!  I wasn’t about to pay that considering I don’t really have that to spend on nothing but a cord, so since I’ve been needing and wanting a lighter/smaller computer for quite some time, I found a little shop through a referral from a trusted friend in the comp repair world that was able to sell me a new one within my budget that met my needs better.

Good news, this means I have a working computer again (the other one had a few bugs in it too from being dropped).  Bad news is, my home wifi password is on the old computer… haha  Saving a screen shot of it on my desktop seemed like a great idea until I could no longer turn the computer on to see it. lol  I am currently at a wifi hot spot letting the new comp charge and checking in on messages.  Until I figure out how to get my old one back up and running, or find a different way to get my wifi password, I might have to depend on hotspots for internet.

In the mean time though, I’ve been getting a lot of reading in with the comp being down for the count.  And the boys have been entertaining themselves with the Roku in between the school work I was still able to access for them to do.  My foot is doing better, but I still can’t walk and it still has issues with swelling and possible nerve damage again.  We’re working on all that though.

I will try to sign in again with more news soon.  In the mean time, how have all of you been?  Please leave a comment or two for me below. 🙂


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