An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Change of Plans

Second lesson in on the guitar lessons and it is very obvious David just doesn’t have the focus and attention span to be working on something as complicated as guitar chords at the moment. lol  He kept breaking out into “rock star David” songs and belting out “Jingle Bells” (the song he’s working on) but while pretty much attacking his guitar strings he was strumming across them all so hard. lol  He also had to wait for lessons to start today while his teacher fixed his guitar after David tried to unwind all the strings. ><  The curiosity in this child is endless it seems. lol

We are not giving up on his lessons though. His teacher, and the music shop we take lessons at, worked it out for us to switch him to piano and they’re letting me get a portable keyboard for free so he can practice at home.  The teacher and I agreed it would be easier to start on the piano since we finally got David interested in them, and return to the guitar later when he’s chilled out a bit more and is easier to maintain attention from. lol 😉 The piano will still help him work on rhythms, concentration, fine motor (not as much as the guitar, but still some), and more so we’ve officially switched. Wish us luck. lol Oh, and did I mention the piano comes with a headphones option? 😀 😉 lol


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