An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

He let me in! ^_^

He let me in! He let me in! ^_^ David’s communication is largely based on him manipulating different phrases, words, memorized conversations, and some movie scripting to respond and interact with those around him. This is great and has helped him a lot, but there have been several times when it was painfully obvious he didn’t have a script for what he was needing/wanting to say and communication would suffer. This problem has led to him rarely opening up on deep thoughts, dreams, or feelings.

Until this morning. ^_^ The moment was brief but it definitely happened. 😀 David kept scripting some line about breaking up and inserting Thomas’ name in it. After some prompting, cuddling, and a bit of encoucouragement, I suddenly found him sitting on my lap, staring off in another direction with an occasional quick glance at my face, and telling me why he loves Thomas so much, and what’s so special about Woody, and even why he has started drawing and watching the Rescue Bots so obsessively lately! This is HUGE for us! The things he was saying had no basis in any script or previous conversations because it contained nothing of what one would typically expect him to say about those characters so he hasn’t heard anyone say it yet. It was all him! 100% David and his feelings, thoughts, and insights! ^_^ And it was beautiful. ❤


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