An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Update On Zebra Status

David’s PT evaluation was yesterday and thankfully we got to take him to the same PT I have been going to so they were already used to each other which helped him be more willing to cooperate.  It was a bit hard at first to get him to understand what she was needing him to do and to stay focused so she started turning it into a game and found different ways to get the info she needed.  It was pretty cool because she made it so fun that David barely noticed over half of the testing and evaluation.

The good news is that there are plenty of things that can be adapted to games and activities I can do at home with him to help strengthen and stabilize his elbows.  Bad news is that his elbows are extremely hypermobile and bend horrifically far in a very wrong direction.  On top of hyperextending when he held his arms out straight, they also bent into quite the “v” shape sideways!  I tried to find a picture example of that, but couldn’t.  Think of holding your arm out straight in front of you, then bending it at the elbow so that only your forearm and hand went to the side while your bicep and shoulder stayed pointing forward!  It even disturbed me to see that and I have a lot of unnatural range of motion in my joints so it’s hard to shock me in that area anymore.

With the extent of how bad his elbows turned out to be, the PT had him go through the Beighton Score test to see how he ranked.  I didn’t hear what number she gave him, but from what I was seeing I would guess it was pretty high.  The only thing he couldn’t really do was place his hands flat on the floor without bending his knees, but even that he got pretty close to doing.

Now we wait for my insurance to approve the PT sessions so he can actually start getting some help stabilizing his elbow/arms.  Let’s hope insurance comes through quicker for him than they have me.


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